Monday, May 5, 2008

Good Monday Morning : )

It sure is crazy around here.....
Money problems all around - I can not say enough how money problems just tare apart a family! It is just so stressful (at least on my part). My son (who hasn't been able to find a job) wants to take his girlfriend to the prom - My husband before he got layed off said he could go and we would pay for the tickets & tux, well I can't tell you how many fights we have all had about this matter... needless to say he took the $80.00 for the tickets today to school. It makes me sad that all the good things that he should be enjoying during this time of his life has turned into such a project!
Anyway, selling our books on ebay have been going very well - We are up to making $66.00 dollars, and I have 6 more books listed. I have been able to buy a few books - two books about art (drawing & water colors), I have really neglected teaching Kelly art & music. My son is very talented in the art area and when we were admiring his work, I saw a look in Kelly's eyes. I need to remember that I have to have her try everything to see if it might be where one one her many talents are.
Our curriculum will be based on mostly the Well Trained Mind suggestions, still studing it but with some adjustments I think it might be a nice option for us.

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