Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Wow, What a crazy few days!
First off I found this coral snake in my back yard - Yikes! This is gross but he was eating another snake so he was slow moving, my husband and daughter were all running inside while I was left out there to take care of him. He is a poisonous snake so I took the shovel to him but I had the willys about it.
Then my son and his girl friend made it to the prom Friday night, Isn't my son just a handsome devil! They went to my in-laws so his grandparents could take pictures and then they went to the hospital where her dad is to let him see them. While at the hospital they got a flate tire luckly her brother was able to take care of it. Kris said they were very late in getting to the prom but they had an nice time.
THEN would you belive Sat. night at about 9:30pm. there was a knock at our door. I ran and got my husband up and he went out, It was the police! My neighbor's (the family who called the animal control on us) house had an attempted burglary. The office asked if we had seen anything, I told him that on Fri. I saw a a strange homeless looking type man walk past my house and then went into the woods - I had to go to the store and drove past and sure enough there he was, but when I came back he was gone.... or went further into the woods. I looked on our public sherrif webpage where they list all the crimes (you just put in your address and you can see what is going on around you), Sure enough another burglary was down another street not too far away from us on Wed. Of course this puts everone on edge but really we have a ton of dogs which I don't think anyone who wants to steal things would want to deal with. I am a bit worried that the neighbors think we did it since they called the animal control and might cause us some problems, But with the other burglary listed on the site it should show them that this has nothing to do with that. I am not to shocked about this, I think it is going to get alot worse with the economy the way it is but it sure makes me a bit leary when Kelly & I are here all by ourselves during the day with no car....


Danette said...

Freaky. We have never been burglarized, while my in-laws have been done so twice, at completely different homes.

I hope I never have to go through that...icky!

And that snake photo is wicked cool!

FatcatPaulanne said...

You were brave to deal with the snake on your own!

Your son is very handsome!

I'm sure your dogs discourage intruders!

Freakmom said...

Ew, I couldn't handle poisonous snakes! I can barely deal with harmless garter snakes. I'd never step outside.

That was wonderful that the kids stopped by the hospital to see her dad on their way to prom. I bet a lot of the other patients got a kick out them too!