Friday, May 23, 2008

I just am having such a bad day already and it's only 9am.
My husband get's his first paycheck from the new company today, but we need to pay the car insurance bill which will be cancelled by tomorrow, so that's $90.00 gone, then the electric bill which the shut off date was yesterday, so that's another $116.00. That wouldn't be too bad but in the past weeks we have drained all of the food supplies, It is terrible! He says we will have about a $100.00 for his car gas, food, animal food ect. (remember he uses about $15.00 a day in gas...). So we obviously have not enough money for this week. BUT the big kicker is my son graduates Sat. night down at the convention center in Daytona Beach - I don't have a thing to wear! I was going to go to the salvation army and pick up something to wear Sat. morning but now I don't know if that will be possible, maybe I won't even go. I just sat in the chair this morning and had to hold back the tears.... I pray that the tax incentive checks comes today!!!!

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Danette said...

I am felling your pain sister. We are one month behind on nearly all of our utility bills. We had to borrow half of our mortgage from my in-laws to hlep pay. And when my sons incentive check comes in, that is what we are going to pay him back with.

Tell me how this is an incentive check. You are supposed to go and 'buy' things with it...right? But ask your friends what are they doing with it. I bet you a majority of them will say they are paying some sort of bill with it. Betcha!

And get this. You know times are tought when you borrow clothes from your mother-in-law to wear to your own sons homeschool graduation. How embarassing is that? I couldn't even afford Goodwill.

Ain't life grand?...Not!!!