Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Neighbors Are At It Again!

Just when I thought things were going pretty good around here with our neighbor in pulls the animal control truck into my yard yesterday!
Yep, They gave me a warning for having my goats loose and running after people.... In our area it is pretty car free most of the time and the only people who walk by are two boys (a 16 year old about 200lbs. & a 15 year old) who get off of the school bus - One is my problem neighbor's son & the other one lives all the way down the end of the road, So I know who called the animal control people. It just burns my butt that here we have a drug dealer & a sex offender living next door to us and they have to worry about my goats! As you all know from my whining I am home almost ALL the time, I watch the goats as much as possible, sometimes they do wonder across the dirt road and nibble on the trees, shrubs ect. over in the vacant lot across from my house but as soon as I see them I run over and get them. They have never tried to bite a sole, So it is very hard for me to belive that a 200lb. boy is afraid of my goats, I am sure it is just his parents getting on my case. Anyway, they gave me a month to show some kind of improvement to the fence or I will be given a citation (I had to laugh though, here I get a citation for goats running around when the guy who almost ran me over got a verbal warning from the police office! Where is the justice in that!)
Enough about that mess, I have been very lucky lately with posting want ads on our local freescycle group. so far I have gotten two 10 gal fish tanks and a lady wrote me about picking up her bird cage : ) I posted about wanting a telescope & microscope but nothing came of that - I am keeping my eye out on the craigslist and ebay for something cheap.
Kelly hasn't been well, I am not sure if it is stress from all that is going on here about money, no job ect. but is seems as though she is very peaked looking and yesterday in the car she threw up again. She does get car sick lately but this seems to be a bit worse then other times. If she doens't improve I will have to take her to the doctors.
Have a great day!


Mrs. Darling said...

I never thought about posting on freecycle for what I want. I think Ill be doing that after this!

Danette said...

I am also a member of freecycle. Great place to be, and adds so muck less waste to our already full lnadfills.

Anyhow, you are going to love this. I woke at about 3AMish to visit the ladies room. Sometimes I can drop back off to sleep and sometimes it takes me a while, so while I was laying there trying to fall back alseep, all I could think about was that...your neighbors are are really ba-aa-aa-ad.

Sorry, I could not resist! :)