Friday, July 25, 2008

The Days Happenings.....

Good Morning All!

The kids and I did make it down to the Super Target yesterday, I was not impressed at all. I agree with Freakmom the prices are not low by any means : ( They did have great sales on back to school suppiles - but of course I didn't have any extra money for that. We walked around and even the clothes for Kelly which I normally die for just didn't seem eye catching at all. Looking at all the items it still looks like Walmart is cheaper, but like Freakmom says I will keep an eye out for the sales.
We also walked around PetsMart, It is the smallest PetsMart I have ever seen. It is set up more like a Petco, loaded with food choices and few pets.
One of the best things about the outing was watching my son with his first paycheck - He scrutinized over each purchase looking for the cheapest price possible : ) He knows he needs to save gas money for the week so he was very careful.

In yesterday's mail I got a letter from our electric company explaining the up-coming "dramtic increases to our electric bills" that will take affect in Aug.for all FPL users - Yikes! You know when they say that you are in trouble.... I need to buckle down on our electric use! It is just so hot here I can't imagine using the airconditioner less but it may come to that.

On a sad note:
My cousin passed away yesterday he was only in his early 50's! He was an extreamly artistic person who seemed to be trapped his whole life by having to be "normal", He had great joys and terrible troubles through out his life and I hope and pray that he is at peace now. His artisic sweet sole he will be missed : (

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Sherri said...

We don't have a Super Target..just a regular one. I really love their products, but agree that they are a bit higher than Walmart. I just hate Walmart so much that I sometimes go to Target anyway!!
I'm so sorry about your cousin's death at such a young age :(!