Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just Another Day..... : (

I went to the mail today and one of my puppy families sent me a check for $300.00 to celebrate her puppies 1st. Birthday! What a wonderful surprize that was - I wrote her and told her she will never know how much that money came in handy for us. I went out to Walmart and used $210.00 on food shopping - It was wonderful to be able to buy food again.... It's the most fun Kelly & I have had in a long time just being able to buy food. Of course when my husband came home he complained and said how come I can go blow money I get but he has to use his money for the household expenses. I mentioned I bought "food" and one small item for the kids to play with, nothing for myself but he says he's going to go golfing again this weekend.... He just went on Sat. with my son. He says that he is justified in going to play golf because I spent money on buying my horse (that was many months ago when we got our income tax check back, and at that time he told me to go ahead and buy the horse that I never buy anything for myself and I deserve it). I can not express how frustrating it is to have to deal with this every day of my life - To be honest if it wasn't the horse he would find something else. So even though we owe a number of people money, we will also be getting the shut off notice for the electric any day now, we have gotten the cancellation notice for the car insurance, that we have gotten phone calls from the cable/phone/internet company that we owe them too he will be spending his money on going golfing : ( I have given up on this matter, I have all the bill listed on the frig. for him to see and that is that I can't do any more. The sad thing is that if I would have paid the electric bill instead of buying food he still would be going golfing and then we would end up with another week like this week of having hardly any food - I had to go to the food pantry to help supplement the little we had : (
I keep praying that things will get better.....

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