Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Another Wed.

My son made it through his first day at Winn Dixie : ) He had to get carts & bag mostly, they added a few more days to his schedule so he is happy (I of course am worried because we don't have any money left for his gas to get him there - We are out of money for the week and we are only at Wed.).

I was at the vet's office on Monday, Now there is one area that doesn't look like the economy is hurting.... The place was jammed, My appointment was for 10am. I got out of there after noon! They told me they are opening up another office in the next town because business is booming. I still think Kelly should go into that line of work, She would make a great vet. assistant. I have been dealing with this vet for the past 6 years, now they tell me that I can no longer charge there (How it used to work I would have a litter of puppies run my bill up and then pay them off when the litter was sold). I felt like an eught ball standing there when they were telling me no more charging allowed in front of a packed office.... I got my nerve up and tried to call the owner vet and talk to him about it but he is on vacation.

Has anyone found any great frugal websites or blogs? When I had gone to the store and paid $4.95 for a gal. of milk, $1.99 for a pkg. of stick butter and $2.89 for a loaf of bread I almost died - That's almost $10.00 for three items....

Have a Great Day!


FatcatPaulanne said...

These are some I've looked at. The hillbilly housewife site has menus, recipes and everything to save money at the grocery store.

NFLHSMom said...


Is a good one here in Florida. She is from around the Starke area and has some great links on her blog as well. She is on vacaction this week but usually has posts every day.