Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Birthday Boy Turns 19 Today

Today is my son's birthday, he turns 19! How can that be..... I woke up this morning at 6:30am took my husband to the guy's house who is riding him to work got home and ran right back to bed - I have been feeling sooooo drained and tired. I slept till 9:00am, got up let the dogs out and low and behold the goats had broken out of their pen & ate almost all of the horse hay! I had to repair the broken fence and get the goats back in there asap I just hope the neighbors didn't see them and call the animal control again! In the mean time I had gathered together some change so when my son went down this morning for a job interview at Winn Dixie he could pick up a cake mix, When I got back in from the goat episode he was already leaving : ( So now no cake, no presents nothing for his birthday - I just pray he get's this job that will really make this day special for him, Please keep your fingers crossed.
Mentioning work my husband said I should get a job, so I placed an application with the new PetsMart that is being built down in town. Of course if my son get's a job I will have no car to get there - I could ask for the evening shift but with jobs the way they are here you would hate to mention that you can't work a certain shift... Which leads me to Kelly she said she wants us to run the public school time frame and go back to school work when the public school goes back to school. That would give her the month of July off, I really hate to do that since she is soooo far behind & all she does all day is stay on the computer. What really worries me is if I get a job my husband is going to want to put her back in public school so I can work full time. I guess time will tell about that one.
I really appreciate those who have taken the time to post comments, they have been helpful to read - Thank You ; )


Freakmom said...

Happy Birthday to your son! I hope he gets the job, that would be a great present!

FatcatPaulanne said...

Fingers crossed that everything works out really well for jobs and for getting to keep homeschooling.
PetSmart will be good for you since you like animals.

Have you ever thought about dog-sitting? There seems to be some money to be made there. We paid 75dollars for our dogs to board for 4days and that was half the price we'd been quoted elsewhere.