Sunday, June 29, 2008

The crap just keeps hitting the fan!

Remember when I said I would be glad when the week was over.... Well you wouldn't belive Friday night our van broke down! My husband was on his way home from work and had to take it to a repair garage. The guy said it may be the engine - Yikes! If so, then we will not get it fixed. My son went to pick my husband up, they were looking at cars. I flipped out in my mind because as you know my husband work is not steady, some weeks he only gets three days in. I could NOT imagine adding on a car payment when we are struggling each week as it is. I suggested he ask his boss for the work van, this way they may have him work all week because he will have the equipment - The boss pays half the gas and you have to handle the rest but we would be able to drop our insurance down to one car which will help some on that bill. Of course I am the only one who likes that idea : (
Anyway, Went food shopping, I can't belive the prices - Each week they keep going up. I got enough for three days of meals, my husband was with me and told me to hold off on some things that he was going to repair a roof today (Sunday) and make some money there, so I did. Guess what, This morning he said it's too late now to go do work on the roof I will have to go some day after work... He had no intentions of doing that roof and now I have have no dog food for the dogs or hay for the horses - Yikes! He was just yelling at me because we have no money for the rest of the week - That I should have been more careful of what I spent. I tell you I am crying on the inside..... I was reading over on this one blog "Learning to Be Frugal" how her husband treated her to a wonderful bubble bath. If only I had a husband like that!
The saddest part I think is Kelly said to me, "Mom I think God hates us" : (


Red said...

As difficult as it may sound, try not to think negatively. The Law of Attraction. You will only get what you put out. My husband and I listened to The Secret a few months back, and it changed our lives. Are we debt free? No. But we handle the stress it abit differently. Is our thinking about it going to make it go away? No, but again, we look at things differntly.

And truth be told, bad things did stop happeneing to us when we applied The Secret. Some people may think this sounds occult-ish. but trust me, there are people of religion backing this way of thinking up.

Take a deep breath and this too shall pass. I got you in my thoughts honey.

sunshineperri said...

It is not only hitting you, but everyone in the US. Keep a smile on your face...YOU ARE DOING THE BEST YOU CAN!!!
Maybe you can sell some old things you don't need anymore. You can list things for free on
I wish there was some way I could help, but I think everyone is stapped for cash.
Your hubby is probably yelling at you, because he is stressed that he can't get work and everything seems to be going wrong. Remember we take out our frustrations on the one we love the most.
Alot of hubby's don't draw baths, or do nice things.
Stop reading so many blogs that depress you!! It isn't worth it.
I stopped reading a bunch, it depressed me way too much.
Keep your chin up, your in our prayers.