Thursday, June 5, 2008

Test After Test

My son has to take two test to be able to attend the Police Academy: the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) & CJ-BAT (Criminal Justice-Basic Abilities Test. Yesterday he went and took the free TABE test and failed two sections of it, the reading and language. Here this kid just graduated high school with A's & B's and passed the FCAT but can't pass a basic adult education test.... He has to wait 21 days before he can take the test again. They do offer some kind of class to help you pass this test which I am looking into., the classes cost $70.00 but the first gal I talked to said they do have vouchers to make it free (thank goodness). I asked him what kind of problems gave him a hard time and he said they give you choices to pick from and you have to pick the sentence that has the comma & parenthesis in the correct spot, he said they all look very simular and he could not figure out which one was right.
I found a practice test type thing at the college website, Oh my gosh It is horrible to say but I really couldn't pass it either!

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