Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday..... Glad to see this week end!

I am up a river without a paddle! I have checks bouncing (the bank charges $35.00 for each over draft & $6.00 a day on each bouncing until you pay it up)- I have two checks bouncing and one debit card charge. This all occured when a check I wrote to a person I thought was being held until this Friday was cashed. I know it was my fault for doing this and my husband is livid with me! We don't have money to begin with and now this.....
Then as I mentioned I am interested in getting the BiblioPlan - America and the World: 1850-2000 there was one on ebay I stayed up till after 12pm last night to make sure I won it - Don't you know the last minute someone else jumped in and won it : ( I just hate that! If anyone sees a used copy of this for sale - Please let me know.
Oh well this week is almost over and we start a new one - I sure hope it is better then this one was!!!!!

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Red said...

I am keeping you in my toughts. We are in a similar boat here, and upon my retunr from my surgery down in Miami, hubby will have to get a second job...for I will not be able to got to work for a few months.

And you know how financial woes snowball quickly!