Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life's Up's & Down's

The days have just been flying by.... I can't belive it's Wed. already - Where did Monday & Tuesday go! I think I know where... I was ingrossed in a book : ) I had picked up some of the extra reading books for Kelly's History Odyssey, one of the books "Shiva's Fire" I picked up and once I started it, I just could not put it down (I love books that are like that). I will read it again with Kelly, I hope she enjoyes it as much as I did. That is one thing I am very sad about neither one of my kids enjoy reading! They don't know the pleasure of getting involved in a book and letting it take you place like in this book India.... I think it is a real shame : ( I keep introducing her to all kinds of books in hopes that something will lite a spark for her (the only time I saw a little spark from my son was the Harry Potter books).

Anyway, Things have not been very smooth here - My son & his girlfriend are riding a rocky road right now and she broke up with him. It is so sad to see a young man with tears in his eyes! I have tried to tell him that at 18 they are just now seeing the world for the first time and things may be different from here on out.... who knows they may patch things up but if not things will work out okay.
Also, He is still having trouble with the "TABE" test his took. They set up classes for him but he feels he just wants to take the test over again and see what he gets this time. As I had said they told him he passed and then the gal refreshed her computer and then he failed so I think he thinks they are just trying to get their classes filled ($70.00 a class). I called today to make sure he can take the test again without finishing the classes and the gal was such a crank pot on the phone. I can see why he comes home and complains about her. She was rude and talked to me like I was so below her, she then told me to talk to his guidence counsler - I told her I doubt my son has that number and she said "I am sure he DOES". I see now what he has been saying he is up against there.

It sure is scary with all the reports of how corn is going to skyrocket in price & along with gas prices making food prices go way up. I really hate to invision where all this is leading us. But I do have to say, I haven't seen anyone around here slowing down to say 55 miles per hour to save gas! They still all rush around and have to pass like idiots, times I just wonder where they are all getting the money to buy that much gas they are waisting.

I read over on my blogging buddy Homes School Home how her friend just passed away at age 40 leaving behind two small children.... Now doesn't that just put life into prespective!

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