Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wrap Up Of The Week....

What a week we have been having - I am just glad that one is over and a new one is starting : )
You know how I jump around all over the place with our homeschooling curriculum, I find one thing I love and then I find something I think we will love even better.... Well I am at it again! I found BiblioPlan It looks very much like History Odyssey but I think it may be a bit better for us. Has anyone tried either one of these programs? Can you tell I LOVE history.... I seem to toss the other subjects aside and do most of my plannning for history. I must stop doing that!!!!
To wrap up last week, my son is back with his girlfriend (they still seem to be bickering with each other but time will tell), It looks like we will be able to pay the electric bill so at least that won't be turned off but the cable/phone/internet is another story. I won't be able to pay that till next week so that may be turned off a few days - Yikes!
I have to pass on a story of what happened yesterday - I was out walking one of my dogs Spencer. It was raining but the rain was refreshing. With all the troubles we have been having I felt drained, I said out loud "God, I am going to leave these problems in your hands - If you could help us with them I would really appreciate it". All of a sudden there was a clap of lighting and then a booming thunder!!!! It scared the life out of Spencer and myself. I wasn't sure if God was mad at me for not beliving he was already watching over us but I raced home. Then today my husband got a call from his mother saying they have work for him and they know of a neighbor of theirs who wants their house to be painted..... "Ask and you shall receive" : )
Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!!!!

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