Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Little Things....

It's funny how the littlest things can make me sad. When my Dad was alive he was collecting those state quarters for a map he had going for Kelly & my son was working on his map at our house (After my Dad died my brother went through his house and took anything that had money value including the map for Kelly, so we don't have that one). Well yesterday I found a South Dakota quarter in my pocket, I ran it into my son to see if needed it for his map. He said to me "Mom I have used the quarters, I'm not collecting any more". I left the room feeling so sad, It ment so much to me to remember all the times he and my father worked on their maps together seeing who need what. I really felt we needed to finish Kris'es map to complete it for my Dad..... then to hear that he had used the quarters just kinda deflated me. It's funny how something that means so much to one person means so little to another. One time a wonderful lady we knew gave Kelly her teddy bear from when she was a girl. This bear was well worned but in nice shape still, We were very careless with this bear and our dog got it and used it as a chew toy. Here this lady had this toy from when she was a little girl over 80 years ago and had kept it all those years (I think it was one of the first teddy bears ever made) which she treasured and we had it maybe a week and it was gone forever.... The little things in life I think are sometimes so over looked.

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Red said...

Time helps them understand what is important. I see people who have lost everything in a natural disaster, and others say, it is just material things, they can be replaced...people cannot. Well they are wrong.

There are things that cannot be replaced. Old photos, trinkets, and yes they are just trinkets, but there is a connection to someone, somewhere.

I know where you are coming from.