Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday - June 23rd.

I started off this morning with a swim, the pool was perfect alittle on the chilly side. It was so quiet out there, very serene - just lovely : )
I am finding for my sanity I need some quiet time for myself - Our house right now is very stressful on all angles so it is nice to find some time when there is just no noise.
Things didn't turn out as well as I had hoped yesterday, the man who wanted his house painted has alzheimer's and didn't rememer that he mentioned that he wanted his house painted..... and my in-laws only gave my husband a few bucks not enough for food for this week : (
Kelly just woke up and is in a nasty mood, We all have allergies or something brewing which makes us all get on each others nervous. I was hoping to get some schooling in today - I am really thinking we will need to take a month off so she feels regrouped and ready to hit the books again but of course I am not going to mention that yet to her : )


Mrs. Darling said...

Goodness, I do hope things start looking up for you folks. Thinking of you!

Red said...

I was away for one week at my parents and was not able to ride my old lady three wheeler. I am home now from vacation and my doctors visits in Miami, so I am now ready to get back to my private time with just me and my bike.

I know where you are coming from lady!