Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th......

It's funny how much joy I got out of getting the "History Odyssey" Modern Times Study Guide in the mail..... I like it : ) You do need to get about 5 other reading books to go with it, my library has a couple but others will have to be a interlibrary loan. Now a days I don't know which way to go about getting the books (with gas at $4.09 and going up), and with our library pretty far away for me to drive (a good 30 minutes or so). I have to figure out is it cheaper to spend the money on gas to go up there and back twice or just order them from a low cost site ex. amazon has the books for .01 cent but shipping is $3.99 each book? I have been reading again Amy Dacyczyn's Tightwad book and she figures everything out so she know which way is most cost affective. I am leaning towards just ordering the books - What do you think?
Now that I have the study guide I am bitting at the bit to get back to school work : ) But guess who isn't.....? Kelly says she wants a vacation, I said "What has the past two weeks been"? But she feels since we didn't offically call it our vacation time it didn't have the vacation feel. I kinda know what she is saying, Since we have no money to go places and we spend soooo much time here on a regular basis to make if feel like "Vacation" time here is very hard. Any ideas?
My husband is home again..... no work yesterday and today. He went and picked up his check from last week (a four day pay check), At least that will pay the electric bill. It really is so hard not kowing from one week to the next how much you will have to work with. They told him that they will have work for Monday but I am worried that they may just lay him off and then we are back to that again - Yikes!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Freakmom said...

Fun! There's nothing like new curriculum!!

We're doing the math before making trips too. I recently had a package to go to the Girl Scout council office. I figured if I could mail it for less than $4 it would be cheaper than driving it. It got mailed.

FatcatPaulanne said...

Just have a vacation state of mind. Make smoothies and drink them outside (in a hammock if you've got one), camp out in the backyard, make smores, anything you can think of that seems vacation-y. Don't you all live close to the beach?