Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One Day To The Next.....

It really is harder then I thought to homeschool now that my son has graduated and is home all the time! It seems like one thing after another pops up and school work just doesn't get done : (
We did get the $900.00 incentive check, It was fun to pay some of the bills Geico & the vet, then I went food shopping and spent another $90.00 - the money sure is going fast down to $530.00 and we still have a number of bills to pay. I really have to look at instead of being upset that we didn't get the $1,500 be happy we got something to help with the bills.....
My son has been filling out all the applications he can find on the computer for the new stores that are opening up in our area so hopefully we can get him a job at one of them soon! I do have to say one thing though - I know when I graduated high school it seemed to me like the world was at my feet, It seems so different now.... people are struggling to just find a minumum wage job, no job is secure you have to worry from one day to the next if the compnay is down sizing to high cost ect., there just doesn't seem to be many opportunities for the kids as there were even just a few years ago : (
Back to homeschooling, I did order the History Odyssey: Modern Times, They only had level one but it will be a good start anyway. I think I am done buying books (except for the required reading books that go with History Odyssey), Now we just have to get down to business!

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sunshineperri said...

You are so right that when someone else is around, they don't want to work. I am also making the kids work throught the summer. But it is hard, I am ready for a break. Once Trina finishes the FLVS stuff, we are taking 2 weeks off. I need it!! Maybe you could do that also. Two weeks doesn't sound like alot, but it helps everyone out.
I am praying that things get better for you.