Thursday, July 10, 2008

My son was all depressed when he came home from filling out more paper work for his new job - Winn Dixie is only giving him Tues. & Thurs. from 12 to 10pm. He was soooo hoping to make enough money so he could move out - He is at that stage where he thinks life stinks here and he could do better.

The horses broke out of their pen, luckly they were eating grass in the back yard. Kelly and I ran out there at 3am. trying to get them back in. Would you belive I ran face first into the hotwire! I saw sparks dancing on my face - That can't be a good thing...

With Kris not working very much my hope to get back to school work is kinda out the window. Kelly is at the computer from the time she get's up in the morning to the time she goes to bed (other then a few dips in the pool & a ride or two on the horses when weather permits). The last time I was at the library I got a few more Magic Tree House books that she hadn't read yet in hopes she would pick one up, no such luck : ( I am not sure when public school starts around here but I guess around Aug. 1st. or so.

We are anticipating one of our girls to have puppies tomorrow so that will be exciting. Being a dog breeder is alot more work and time consuming then I had ever thought but when you see those cute as a button faces.... they just melt your heart - If you would like to take a peek at some of our past puppies you can check out our website: Town and Country Schnoodles

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today!

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The Cooking Lady said...

I lost what little job I did have a few weeks ago, but with surgery coming up, I am OK with that.

My son is a bag boy at a local supermarket and he is only getting 3 days on his schedules, and he has been with them for 5 years now. There are some kids who are getting 1 day a week.

He misses a decent paycheck. I can feel his pain.