Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back To Our Old Ways : (

Back to the old grind.... Our school days seem to be heading right back to where we were last year : ( I just can't figure out where I am going wrong! I had been reading almost every day from a great book about escaped slaves "The Last Safe House". When we were close to the end of the book and it was getting really good Kelly asks me during the story "Which one is Eliza?" "Who is Johanna again?".... After days of hearing about these two girls she still could not remember which one was which! I asked her what she remebered about the book and she was listening and she did get most of what it was about but not the names of the people. I am not sure if it is she just does't really listen or if her mind is off wondering or is is she just isn't giving any energy into it at all! This is how she is with every subject, she shows little to no interest in any of the subjects (except for the zoology 3). When I ask her to answer questions verbally she does well and pretty much understands what we are covering but when she has to write an answer it ends up being only a few words for each question. I have asked her to lengthen her answers a bit but still she shoots for the least amount of words needed to get the job done. She likes to do the projects ect. anything away from the actual sit down learning. The first few days were wonderful this year I thought I had really made some great changes and we were off running but now we are back to our old ways again which is driving me nuts.

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The Cooking Lady said...

Have you thought of sharing your reading wiht her. You read a few pages, then she reads what you nkow she will handle?

We do that with our science books. Worth a try.