Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Missing In Action For Awhile : (

I just wanted to let you all know I may be missing from the blogging world for awhile : (
We weren't able to get the past due amount of $308.00 for the electric bill together so any day now they will be shutting us off. We are really up the creek without a paddle because I am sure they will require us to pay the entire two months we now owe $671.00 plus a turn back on fee to get it going again and I can't see us having that kind of money until the sale of the puppies..... October 5th.! That sure will be a heck of a long time to be without electricity here in Florida. I am dreading it! Also my stove is electric so I won't be able to cook anything either unless we get a grill of some kind, this really will be a mess for sure. I wrote to the puppy families to ask them if they could pay for the puppies early but I haven't heard back yet from any of the 6 families : ( That is the only way I can think of to get that kind of money together..... I am praying every day that this will get paid some how before they shut it off!

The blessings this week are my son has finally passed his TABE & CJ-BAT test : ) It has been a long haul for him but he has done it. Now he just needs to get another physical (the last one is now no good because he took so long to pass the tests) then he can sign up for either the Jan. or March police classes. I am kinda hoping he goes for March so he can save up some gas money from his job to get down to Daytona Beach ever day (I can't see how we will be able to add that expense to our budget). Also Roper & Chance our horses are doing better : ) Roper still needs alot of attention but he is walking much better!

School has been extremely tough! It is so hard to concentrate when we are waiting for any minute the guy to come to shut the electric off (We run outside through out the day to keep the water buckets filled for the animals because once the electric is turned off we won't have any water...).

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and please if you could include us in your prayers I would appreciate it!

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Red said...

You are definitely in our thoughts. Yes, living in Florida dn having no AC is wretched. Summer of 2004 ring any bells?!?!?

Hugs your way!