Friday, September 19, 2008

Our Prayers Have Been Answered!!!!!!!

It is totally amazing our prayers have been answered!!!!! I need to tell you how it all unfolded to really see the wonder of how God works. As you can see in my last post I was at my wits end with everything, I was feeling soooo over whelmed it was such a burden on my shoulders I could barely get through each day. Yesterday I made myself get things together to do school, Kelly and I were sitting there reading Across Five Aprils when out of no where she says "Why do you think so much bad stuff is happening to us"? Which took us off of school work and on to that topic which we hashed over, my husband working only a few days each week which has put us so far behind on all of our every day bills, having the electricity being shut of any day now, the two tires going flat on his van, the horses having their health troubles, the dog running away and on and on..... all within no more then a three week time period. Well we talked it over and she says "Mom. I think God is showing us we need to be happy and appreciative of the things we do have". A little while after that about 3ish a strange knock came at the door - I opened it and it was Rainbow our dog who had run away!!!!!! I was bawling like a big fat baby.... I was so happy. Kelly and I walked around the blocks taking down the lost dog signs and talking about how wonderful it was to have Rainbow back.... I then said out loud wouldn't it be great with how wonderful the day was going that my husband/her father got a bonus today so we could pay the electricity. We both stopped and looked at each other and said no we have to be happy that we have Rainbow back and not want more. Then later on in the evening I checked my e-mail and one of the puppy families sent a paypal payment for her puppy which enables me to pay part of the electric bill so it won't be shut off!!!!!!! We all thanked God and gave praise for all that he does..... What a day : )


The Cooking Lady said...

Phew! I am glad you see the good things. But it is one of thee toughest things to do when it seems like the walls are caving in on you.

Waves to Rainbow!

FatcatPaulanne said...

That's wonderful! What a sweet girl you have there!

Luke said...

God is good!