Thursday, September 25, 2008


Gosh the health of the economy sure looks bleak! I am not one to really follow stock and such but lately you can't turn on the tv without hearing all the doom talk. I really have been finding it so interesting on how a great nation like ours can so easily be brought down to it's knees. My parents grew up during the depression and had told me of how they had to live a totally different life style then the "people of today" - Most folks today have gotten so far away from being self sufficient which I think will really cause us problems (my family is one of them). It really is a scary thing to think about.... I have been watching the Glen Beck Program at night that guy is trying to show people what troubles are coming.
I already have "Making the Best of Basics" book by James Talmage Stevens & "The Encyclopedia of Counry Living" by Carla Emery,
and I just wrote to see if my library can get me a inter-library loan on:
"The Just-In-Case Food Pantry" by Lorraine Platka-Bird
"Don't get caught with you pantry down!" by James T. Stevens & Leedee Teague-Stevens
Has anyone else read any good books on this type of topic?
It sure makes you wonder.....


The Cooking Lady said...

I love you Sunny! We are going to the library after lunch so I will be looking these up for sure, along with The China Study. I want to get that on audio for my husband and the book for myself. We shall see.

And my bank just got bought out by J.P. Morgan. Things are looking pretty darned bad these days.

Let's all keep good thoughts flowing.

Red said...

None of these books were at my library...none of them. I am also asking them to order The China Study. I was not a happy camper when I left the library!!!

Sheri said...

I wish we could be more self sufficient. We planted a garden this year, but since we are both Californians we did everything WRONG for the area we live in. LOL Oh well, it's all about learning, we'll try again next year.
I am so glad you are enjoying the ideas we use for school over on my blog! Thanks for commenting!