Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Maybe Today..... We Will Get To Our Studies!

It's funny but every time we try and settle down to do school work something keeps coming up! Yesterday I was bone tired but I cleaned off the kitchen table & got our books together, I was just about to wake Kelly up when I heard a noise and went to check it our - One of my girls decided to deliver her pup.... I thougth I had a few more days before that blessed event. I had to scurry around and get all the items needed for delivering but it turned out she only had one pup. Being that I was tired already then the new puppy activity school work got put aside AGAIN!
If we can get school going today I have gone to the Homeschool Share site and printed out the lapbook ideas for "Abraham Lincoln, The Boy Who Loved Books" I think this will tie in nicely with all the Civil War stuff we are working on. I am enjoying lapbooks but gosh they are alot more work each night to get them ready for in the morning.... I have been putting them all together and then just having Kelly answer the questions.
My post yesterday mentioned how I think of all my blogging buddies as my friends (since moving to Florida 6 years ago I can honestly say I do not have one friend here - I talk to a number of people but no one is that friendly). I talked to Kelly about this yesterday and she says that the girls she knows on the computer feel like her good friends too (she spends countless hours writting back and forth to these girls every day - two of them are also homeschoolers). I am still trying to figure out ways to get Kelly out amoung kids her own age. Mrs. Darling mentioned church friends - The church we have gone to is a new one in our area and it doesn't have a whole lot of members, most of the children there are much younger. I guess I will just have to make it a point that when the homeschooling group has an outing that we NEED to go! I will just have to find the money & a car from some where to do it.....
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Sheri said...

Hey, we moved here 3 years ago, and although I have friends we don't have the same "sort" of friends we had at home. Does that make sense? Anyway, had to commiserate with you there!

I wonder if my spider is a garden spider and not an orb weaver, or if it's differing names for the same spider. I keep finding it on the internet under both names.