Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting Out Of The House......

I just wanted to tell you all I really enjoy reading your Blogs! The first thing I do in the morning is check up on you all and see what you have been up to. I have learned so many wonderful ideas on many different topics - Thank you! I really think of you all as my friends : )
I am really feeling drawn out, the puppies have me up every night (a few times a night) with no sleep I just can't seem to function! I have about two more weeks and then they go to their new homes - I am counting the minutes : ) My husband, son and his girlfriend are making the trip up to PA. to drop the puppies off to their new homes. They have decided to stop off at New York City on the way home (my son's girlfriend has never been up north before she is a home grown Floridian). They are going to see the Statue of Liberty - Did you know that you can't walk up to the crown any more.... that was such an experience I will never forget. They also hope to make it over to the Empire State Building, my son's girlfriend is afraid of heights so I am not sure how she will be able to handle looking down from that building. They are all excited about all the site seeing they are going to do and my husband has mentioned they are going to stop somewhere to golf too.... (they all made these plans without even talking to me about them). I feel sad for Kelly she has never been to NYC either, I have tried to get her to go with them but she gets car sick from time to time and she doesn't want to go. I just feel bad because as I have said a thousand times before Kelly never gets out to go any where besides the convience store or food shopping and that is very rare. I really worry about that alot.... I even discussed it with her saying as much as I LOVE homeschooling her I really don't think it is good for her not to see other kids or to even just get out of the house. With us having no car and no money her biggest outting is around the block walking or riding the horses - I really think that is just not enough stimulation for a 13 year old girl. I mentioned maybe looking into the new charter school that opened in town, she is totally against that idea. Anyway, I just think it must be hurting her feelings to hear that they all are going on this outing & are going to have fun, something she hasn't had in a very long time : (


Mrs. Darling said...

Are there homeschool co-ops for free around there? I guess that wouldnt help if you dont have a car. Do you attend church where she could meet friends? It does seem that it may not be good for her to be so isolated. Thirteen is the age that girls really start wanting friendships. I hope you find a solution.

Red said...

I will agree with the fact that she should be out and about, but what if she is on the shy side. Pushing her could cause a back-fire.

My daughter who is soon to be 15 speaks rarely if ever to strangers. I never pushed her to talk to them I just refused to speak for her. So if there was a trip to the bookstore and she was looking for something, I did not ask the person working the counter or in the aisle. I told her who she had to talk to, and if she chose not to, then so be it, and we left the store without book in hand.

I did that enough in different places, with no anger in my voice and she eventually learned to ask for help. Now she is a wee bit more unreserved(for lack of a better description), but if she could, she would definitely let me do the talking.

We also belong to a large co-op and she is not particularly welcomed(I think they are cordially polite to her) for our religious beliefs are very different from our group. Even though they profess to be secular, if you don't wear the Christian badge, you are shunned a little more than those who are Christians. At least in our group.

I don't really care who socializes with me, or not, but she is 15, she sees how the kids are not as friendly with her as thee others, and it hurts her feelings.

Your daughter will tell you when it is time. But never stop asking her, or offering things/options to her. She will feel it and so will you.