Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Tuesday Morning!

I am feeling a whole lot better today - I thought I was coming down with something but I really think now it was just stress.... But today I am up early and thinking positive again : )

I picked up a few books at the library to read since our internet/cable is due to be shut off and I have found one that I am really enjoying, Easy Homeschooling Techniques by Lorraine Curry.
It really hit home with me since it mentions alot about how too much tv & video/computer can really affect kids.... I think alot of my childrens troubles with schooling are from my not reading enough to them when they were little. They did watch way too much tv, I thought all those shows like Barney, Seasame Street ect. were going to teach them things but really I think it just made them less able to concentrate for any length of time on one thing. I also think like the books says that tv takes away your ability to visualize, like when you read a book and you see pictures in your mind of what is happening and you float off to that place, well with to much tv you can't do that you are "waiting" for the pictures. I have tried to think back to my childhood and I can honestly say I can never remember my parents reading a book to me ever - but I always had the love of reading. I was not allowed to watch tv during the day when I was little, We only had it on after my father got home from work and of course only things like the news, Waltons, Little House On The Praire ect.. Which leads me to belive that it is the amount of time my kids watched tv that has partly stripped them of enjoying reading. My son who is now 20 and went through the public school system has said he has NEVER read a single book all the way through... he always found ways around doing it (watching a movie made of the book ect.). The things I find most sad is that he never "wanted to", you know what I mean? Anyway wrapping this all up - I now feel fine with the way we are doing school this year with using alot of outloud reading, It just might spur Kelly to enjoy a book one day.... : )

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