Saturday, November 14, 2009

Praying Mantis & Baby

Here is a praying mantis I saw the other night on our hay bale, She was walking on the pitch fork with what looked like a baby on her back. I ran in and got my camera, the picture didn't come out very good. I got Kelly and she saw it also, but before I could get my son to see her she was gone... Nature really is amazingly beautiful : )


Rhonda said...

I just love being outdoors and seeing the wonders of the world. I am so glad that Kelly was able to see this. My girls enjoy finding all kinds of insects and plants and such. I enjoy it also, but do not like when they find spiders. *shivers* Some science teacher I am. LOL! Thanks for sharing the photo.

JasonCharvette said...

actually they are mating. the one on top is a male the one on the bottom is female (females are much bigger than males). hopefully if the male was lucky he got away afterwards because the female will eat the male.