Friday, November 13, 2009

Library Up-Date

Thank you for the posts, I appreciate them!
I went ahead and wrote to the library about the matter, Well I heard back....
The head lady said she went and checked out the books and after lengthy cleaning the books still smelled like urine.... I knew she would back up the first gal. As to why I had to pay for the "worst" book, she said it was because of the stain even though I explained in my note that the book was never used and didn't leave the box. They told me that I should pick up from them plastic book protectors that I could use to protect the books in the future - That they were sorry that my family could not detect the odor! I wrote back and told her that I would pick up the protectors and that I will have each book of the 20 I take out each time checked over thoroughly by the check-out girl BEFORE I leave the library and again when I bring them back to make sure we are not charged in the future for books we did not damage.... I also said I would contact the other homeschoolers in our area and make them aware of the issue so that they too will check each book before hand so as not to have to be resposible for buying one.
Can you tell I am still in a tizzy over this? It just makes me mad! Then to top it off, the book I bought is still listed as being on the shelf....
I know from now on the libary is going to be a stickler to me about each book I take out and bring back but I just had to make an issue of it. The sad thing is going to the library once a week is my only "outing" of the week : ( I used to enjoy it but now I have worry so much about each book - I can't!

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Rhonda said...

Happy to hear that you contacted the library about this matter. I totally agree on making sure that you check out each book before checking it out and making sure that the girl at the front desk does the same also. It will save you money in the long run. And these days, money can be hard to come by.