Thursday, November 5, 2009

Math & Spelling Problems - Your Opinions Needed

The weather here has been wonderful! It has taken a long time to get here but I am sure enjoying it!

On the school front - Gosh are we struggling with math! I really think it is worse then ever this year.... I have pulled out Kitchen Math I thought this might be a way to work on math without really working on math, Kelly struggled with it. She did the addition problems and subtraction problems just fine, the multiplication problems she struggled with but worked them out but the division problems she said she has forgotten how to work on them...... Her recall memory is pretty bad this year. We are also struggling with spelling - She writes the words down for a pre-test, does a word search for the words, does fill in the blank questions for the words & does the workbook questions and still by the end of the week she still gets a ton wrong, She just can not remember them. Does anyone have ideas on what teaching ideas I should use for her in math & spelling? Should I just go back to real basic math books until she "gets" it? Would you continue with the spelling even if there seems to be no advancement with it?
When we play match game with cards she does really well with that - She remembers were the matches are many more times then I do. Is there any other types of games to help memory problems. I really think this is the main issue area of her learning disability.....

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Jennifer said...

My kids learned to spell playing online games that allow kids to chat with each other. The kids want to spell right in order to communicate with and hang out with their online friends. The one they got the most out of was I just wrote down a list the words they were needing to talk with the other kids that they had trouble with and left it by the computer for them to reference anytime. Eventually, they used the words so many times that they didn't need the list anymore and we just added more words as they needed them. You can also write a word that she is having trouble with and post it in large letters somewhere where she will see it multiple times every day, like across from the toilet and/or on the ceiling above her bed, and just the fact of seeing it everyday helps it stick without ever having to work on it at all. She can also make pictures out of the words. There's a website about that somewhere. I'll look for it in a minute. I've also used a word they were having trouble with as the password for the computer. They had to type it in everytime they wanted on the computer. Easy peasy way to start remembering hard to spell words. You can also do it with math facts. Once I took shoe polish and wrote 6 x 8 = 48 on my car window and the kids were so mortified that it stuck in their brains very easily :)As for division, have you heard of the dad, mom, sister, brother, rover system to remember the steps? Here's a sample of how it works Hope some of these things help out.