Thursday, November 19, 2009

Topics Being Covered......

Here we are at Thursday already, Gosh the weeks just go by fast...
I seem to be all over the place with schooling again,
We are enjoying the Boxcar Children as our Beyond Five In A Row tile. I just love how many topics we cover doing schooling this way... and if Kelly is interested in any of the topics we go further into them. Some of the topics are childish and Kelly get's aggrivated but we just go quickly over them. I'm still not sure how you write this type of learning up in a transcript form but I will worry about that at the end of the school year.
We are also using "A History Of Us" vol. 9 for history, We are getting to the Depression (I sure can relate to alot of what is mentioned in these chapters.... no work, everything being shut off ect.). I really like Joy Hakim's books, She writes just enough about each topic & the pictures are really good which helps to keep Kelly's attention.
We kind of tossed the Apologia Zoology 1 book to the side, Kelly just didn't have any interest in most of the topics : (
We are still working on geography, using "Galloping The Globe" and I had a great atlas in our bookshelf that I pulled out "Scholastic Atlas of the World". I was getting extra books about each country from the library but really we aren't interested in going to indepth into each country just knowing where they are and some fun facts about them is just fine for now.
I still need to find a remedial grammer & math book..... I need a real easy to understand book on both topics but not babyish because she hates that. I have been using some worksheets and that doesn't seem to be working - to all over the place I think. I found a neat website on teaching children with learning disabilities, It stated some signs most of which Kelly deals with:
Indication observations:
Difficulty learning new skills, relying on memorization
Trouble learning about time
Difficulty remembering facts
Confusing basic words (dog, cat, run)
Poor coordination, 'accident prone', unaware of physical surroundings
Having a hard time learning the connection between letters and sounds (Phonetics)
Spelling and reading errors such as substitutions (house/home), letter reversals (b/d), inversions (m/w) and transpositions (felt/left)
Problems with planning
Impulsive behavior
Transposes number sequences and confuses arithmetic signs
If your run across others like this site/blog please pass it along to me ( I have really got to find some new ideas on how to help her learn.
The public school is taking the entire Thanksgiving week off, I have been debating if we would or not.... I sure could use the rest from thinking about schooling.

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