Thursday, November 12, 2009

What Would You Have Done?

I just got back from my library and the steam is still pouring out of my head......
I took back about 15 books and was taking out about that same amount when one of the gals comes up to me with the books I had just brought back. She says to me "We have a problem", She said the books smelled like urine! I was dumbfounded! I transport all the library books in a canvas carring bag from the library to my home, I then place them in a cardboard box up on top of the counter. I am the only one who touches the books (besides giving them to Kelly to read). Where I put them none of the animals can get at them. Soooo I stood there trying to process what she was saying to me.... I then picked up a few of the books and smelled them, None of the books smelled like urnine to me at all. I was going to ask another librarian to smell the books for her thoughts, but them thought better of it - Of course she would say it does since this gal is saying so. Then I thought of asking just another person in the library to smell one of the books but I didn't. The gal kept shaking her head when I kept saying I don't smell anything (no other librarian's came over even though they were all standing in the area). I just didn't know what to do.... Then she said this is the worst one and opened a book and showed me a stain on the inside front cover. I smelled it and again no urine smell. I think she wanted me to pay for ALL the books.... I was getting nervous now, that many books would be so expensive! I said "I'll pay for this book" (the one she said was the worst). She just gave me such a look and then another gal came over and said it was $15.00 plus $5.00 for shipping charges. I paid the darn $20.00 - Now you know how I have no money! This really hurts! The real kicker is that we never even opened the "worst" book at all, but I guess now we will read it for sure: (
What would you all have done? I need to be able to use the library for our school books so I couldn't make such a fuss, but I really feel like I was unjustly accused.


Phyllis said...

I would have talked with the supervisor of the librarians...say the "Head Librarian" amd say exactly what you said in your blog....that you could not smell it and ask if she/he can. They usually want good public image and usually want to resolve things. I am so sorry this happened to you! How uncomfortable~

Rhonda said...

I agree with Phyllis. I would have asked to speak with someone in charge also. If you were not at fault for the damage to the book, then I would have definitely not paid for it.

live4evermom said...

I've gotten cd's that were impossible to listen to because of the scratches and I take it right to them and tell them. If I was accused of something then someone better prove it. Better yet, more then someone more like some two or three. Besides how do they know you didn't get them with what it smells like to that one lady. In my opinion all library books have a smell to them. Unless I get a new book they all have had a smell to them.

I'd be just a tad bit upset too.