Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time Change.....

I always find it hard to adapt to when we change the clocks.... they say we gain an hour in the fall but in our house we just stay up later that night then everyone is shot the next day which throws the whole week off.....

Anyway, I think I have finally gotten Kelly's transcript done for the 2008-2009 school year - Yea!!!! I just have to type it up and get it off to our umbrella school. Having to work on this has really made me alot more aware of record keeping and what she is learning, You can tell by my past posts some days I am in a tizzy over it : )

I have been reading "Strategies for Struggling Learners - A guide for the Teaching Parent" by Joe P. Sutton, PHD. & Connie J. Sutton, M.A.Ed. If I understand them correctly they suggest to use grade level books and also remedial books this way your student will cover what everyone else in their age bracket is covering. I just don't see how that would work. I have found when things are getting to hard for Kelly I can see her zoning out. I can't see much good in using the harder material - I would think that would bring attention to the child that they really are behind what "other kids" their age are doing. I hate when the books have the age brackets listed on the front pages.... Most times I try to hide that from Kelly.
I find this all so interesting and if anyone has any good books or websites on this topic please let me know.

P.s. - I have been reading this blog for awhile now and really enjoy it:
Chicken In The Road she posts the cutest animal pictures and such sweet stories - Take peek if you get a chance.


Mrs. Darling said...

I reach children with learning differences and I always try to put them in grade level books as much as I can. But that usually ends up being one subject or so. I also put children back in some books so they can work independently and feel like they are in control of their learning.

My son is in third grade and is able to do third grade work but his reading is a bit behind from a year and ahalf spent at the public school. So I gave him Bible and Phonics at the 2nd grade level. He needs help with the Phonics but the Bible is something he can do on his own cause its set at an independent level rather than his reading level.

I would never put a child at grade level if they arent at grade level. Thats exactly what the public school does and the child doesnt learn a thing!

Rhonda said...

I, for one, do not like the time change in the fall. It gets dark too early for me. We like spending a lot of our time outdoors and having to come inside at such an early time is just no fun for us.

My girls are at their grade level expectations, but there was a time when Hannah, my oldest, was having problems with her math and I held her back a bit until I found that she had covered everything that she needed to. That is the great thing about homeschooling. If they are not getting a certain subject you can always take a little extra time and work with them instead of hurrying them along like the public schools do.