Saturday, June 9, 2012

Can You Guess????

Okay can you guess what I was doing yesterday? No, I didn't go to Disney World! I went garage saling again! I'm getting to be a crazy shopper : ) I bought this pooh bear for a $1.00. I had no reason for buying him, but he was just so dam cute : ) My daughter-in-law and I really went out looking for a used washer and dryer that was listed for $50.00 for the pair but by the time we got there it had already been sold. This sale was one of those where the fellow was moving out of the country and was just off loading everything. I bought this bear and 12 vhs tapes (since we have no tv my husband watches tons of movies and always needs new ones which are getting harder and harder to find). We have been having alot of rain so the garage sales are having a hard time of it, but we had fun again... I LOVE garage sales!

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