Thursday, June 7, 2012

Getting My Reading Groove On

I really LOVE to read and so often I feel like I don't have the time - Why the heck don't I have the time????? That is the question! I am now trying to make time for my reading, just giving myself time to dive into some books I have found a fancy for. As I mentioned I am reading "Last Child in the Woods" and also this goodie "Look Great Feel Great" by Joyce Meyer. I have read it once and now am going back over it as it brought up so many good things to try to make a better me : ) One thing that really jumped out at me was her saying if you lounge around in sloppy clothes with your hair a mess it will bring you down and lower your self esteem, by just spiffing up a little bit each day you won't feel so low every day. Now my clothes selection consists of just tee-shirts and jeans. I wear a size x-large tee shirts, I could get into a large but I have been happy wearing the bigger shirts they feel cozy to me but they look awful! One of my new me mission is to find some better clothes to wear and maybe get some nail polish too. I am also thinking in the near future of seeing about getting my hair cut and maybe getting my ears pierced again (I had two holes in each ear but over the years they have closed up). I am thinking maybe feeling a little bit more lady like just might put some umph into my day.... Anyway a really good book, if you get a chance and see it at your library give a look see I think you will like it : )

Until Next Time - God Bless!!

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