Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Monday Morning : )

Good Monday Morning!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
We had a ton of rain this weekend, the poor horses were standing in water again.
We had been so dry here everyone was praying for rain so I guess our prayers were answered. I just hope we get a nice balance of rain & dry/hot because what we had yesterday was just as bad as a hurricane and we don't need that!
Hoping to tackle some of the school work I have planned, Kelly is starting Chemistry and the child has no interest in that at all YET. I am hoping by doing a few easy experiments that it might spark some interest in it. Hey you never know till you try something if you like it or not.... (yea, I'll keep telling myself that when I'm staring at her blank face looking back at me).
I also have been working very hard on getting my eating under control. I am such a stress eater that I need to get a handle on that for sure... I have been going for watermelon, cherries, grapes instead of my usual muffins. ice cream ect. happy to say I lost 4 pounds. Not great but it is a start, my start weight was 170lb. now I'm at 166lbs. I would like to add in some walking to budge some of this weight but I just can't seem to get out there. I am working on cleaning out the swimming pool and trying to get that back up and running - hard to belive but we never got it running last year at all. You would think living in Florida a pool would be a must but actually it just get's too hot and the water becomes so hot it isn't refreshing at all.
Well enough rambling from me, Hope you all have a great day!
Unil Next Time - God Bless!!

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