Friday, June 15, 2012

Lawyer Saga Continues : (

Sometimes I think I am in a bubble and I'm functioning but not really, Does that make any sense????
I am having another go around with the gosh dam lawyer, he is getting more and more fed up with me by his responses. What get's me so sick is I have asked him if he has taken the first part of his fee out of the account and if so how much was it? Also, I asked to see the bank statement for the estate account? Don't you think those are logical questions to ask? Well he wrote back with another nasty tone e-mail going all around the questions but never answering it.... He even said the folks who are getting the money are getting really impatient - HELLO!!!!! He has been the one holding everything up and he made it seem like all this mess has been my fault. I have still been trying to get the other $10,000 gift to me from the first ladies will (I still feel with all my heart that I am due that money and feel the families will also agree with me). He said to me if I contiune to presue it I am no more than a thief, that it would be just like stealing. He said if I continue without the families okay FIRST he does not know if he can any longer represent me! SOOOO he is pretty much playing the strong hand again to me.
I pray that GOD with take all this mess and iron it all out for me.... If you could send a prayer my way I would appreciate it.
Thank you!!


Fatcat said...

He's really living up to the sleazy lawyer stereotype isn't he?

Poor you.

Fatcat said...

I'm sorry he's such a jerk.

I published a minute ago before I meant to.

Donna said...

Thanks Dana, I agree with you : )