Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Need To Take A Deep Breath!

I figured I better come here to my blogging buddies and take a deep breath before I go haul off an get myself into trouble!
You all know the ups and down I have had with the two lawyers who have been handling the will that I am the exector of..... Well I have been begging the guy to liquidate the funds to pay out a first payment to the families and take care of other matters. I have been asking for months now, I actually have an e-mail from him stating he would go to the bank and start the process on April 27th (I had been asking even earlier than that but he said he misunderstood what I was asking him to do). I have been e-mailing him from time to time to see how things were going and he would shoot back one condescending e-mail after another saying I don't understand the process it's not just a matter of writting a check and so forth. One e-mail when I asked if the checks had been mailed yet, he wrote "Nope". Roughly two weeks ago I wrote again and he said he was busy with a trial and he would get to me the next week, since I hadn't heard from him I e-mailed today. He wrote back stating he has an appointment with the bank tomorrow to get the process started. I almost choked on my diet pepsi, just getting the process started! I wrote him back highlighting the April 27th date and the part which he stated he was going to the bank and do you know what the asshole wrote back - "Nice Highlighting". My blood pressure is through the roof right now! I am so mad but I just don't know what to do about it, If I get cranky with him he could drag his feet even longer. If I ask him to wrap up the work he has done and that I want to take this case else where that would be so hard since I am here in Florida and all this is taking part in PA. I just HATE when people shoot off the condescending tone my husband does sit all the time to me and it makes my skin crawl I find it to be so degrading. Here this man is working for ME and talks like that to me in e-mails.... I guess he feels like he has me over a barrel and I guess he does : (
Sorry for the tirade I just felt it best if I share with you all and not shoot off a nasty e-mail to the lawyer which would get me in deeper sh*t!!


Fatcat said...

Well I got sympathy but no advice. ;-)

Jennifer said...

How frustrating!! I can't believe how rude he is to you, his client. Have you talked to a lawyer near you to see if there is anything that can be done?