Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Can't wait for 2008

Kelly & I tried to do at least some school work yesterday, Even though she complains I think she really misses when we don't do some work. She actually said to me "Who made the decision to take a "vacation" from work last week?". My brain is all over the place so I can't seem to get much done but we did work on spelling, reading, music composer, presidents, & she wrote a page about two of the books she has recently read. I think we will just dabble here and there during the next few weeks until after the holidays pass....
It is sad to say but I can not WAIT till the holidays are over! It has just been one thing after another here, Just when you think maybe you see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel something else happens. Like I had mentioned that we had gotten help with the electric bill so all we had to do was pay the $86.00 (the next electric bill of $132.62 is due today) I had planned on paying the $86.00 plus the $132.62 so we could finally breath easier knowing that the electric would not be shut off. Well you know what they say about best made plans..... Our car would not start! We had the battery checked and it is fine, the repair guy said it might be a starter but of course he would have to look it over. So now I have to pay to get the car towed in to the repair shop (about $60.00) and then what ever the repair bill will cost - Yikes! So all the plans I had made of paying the electric this week, car insurance next week and then on the 22nd. possibly squeeze the paycheck to buy a few gifts for the kids is out the window : (
I can't wait for 2008!!!!!!!

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Lisa said...

Holing you in my prayers. :o)