Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

So the holiday begins....
I worked like a wild women yesterday cleaning and getting out the decorations that we never put up and washed the curtains & floors trying to make things look pretty for the holiday. My husband and kids kept asking why I was going to all that trouble when the holiday is almost over now, but I really wanted to make the day alittle festive for the kids. I got it looking pretty good, I even hung up the christmas wreath on the door.
Well I got up early this morning to wrap the presents that I got for Kelly at the Toy's for Tot's program - they gave her 5 gifts & books. The one gift I know she will like is the Are you smarter then a 5th grader game, the other games I never heard of and the puzzle & books looks very hard and not very kidish but hey I apprecaite all they gave her! My day has started out rough already, My husband has been yelling all morning at me for spending money yesterday on 2 jars of red cabbage to add to the turkey dinner that I picked up at Albertson's donated from the church for Christmas Day plus I bought food that we ate yesterday because I didn't leave enough for gas money to get down to my in-laws house tonight..... He said I don't know how to handle money and he is taking it over! This month I have been to food pantry's & churches getting food, human resource centers to help pay for our electric bill, toy's for tots for presents for our daughter, talking to bill collectors - All I have been doing is trying juggle to feed my family and give them a holiday and he is yelling at me : (
If I might ask, Could you say a prayer for me & my family.....

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