Monday, December 17, 2007

Cold Here In Florida.....

It sure got cold last night, but it is supposta get even colder tonight yikes!!! When I woke up at 6am. it was like 56 degress here in the house, I know that doesn't sound cold to some of you but it sure was cold for us. Tonight they say it may get down to 39 degrees or so - that's way too cold for Florida.
I am reading a very interesting book one of my homeschool buddies suggested to me (Thanks Bunny) "A Mind At A Time" by Dr. Mel Levine. It really helps when you have a child like my Kelly who seems to have information go in one ear and out the other.... I do wish he would go into more detail about how to help correct each problem area though.
I am also reading "Your Best Life Now" by Joel Osteen, Also a enjoyable book that is helping me get a better attitude for the situtations I am facing lately. Can you tell I was at the library on Sat. I tell you I get in there and could stay for hours - I can not see why my kids HATE the library the possiblities are endless.
We are hitting the books this week - I am really taking stock of what I can do to help Kelly retain a bit more of the information we are covering. In talking to her she really doesn't have much recall for the stuff we have covered so far so I must take a step back and see what I can do differently. I thought of covering more current history topics like metnioned in Ambleside Yr. 6 I thought maybe if I could get her more intersted in the topics we cover she might remember more. Not sure yet which way to go with this....

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