Thursday, December 13, 2007

Car is repaired Yea! & Blogging

Well the jeep repair went very well. The fellow came when he said and seemed to know what he was doing, being that we are out of town though he had to travel back into town to get the starter that was needed to repair it. It cost everything I had $180.00 (He replaced the starter, cut the transmission line and fixed that & looked into a light issue we are having). I had to use the money that was for the electric bill : ( But it is repaired - One problem down on to the next....
I enjoy when I get a few free moments to look around at all the home schooling blogs, Well I was reading along on one of them and it got to her post about her family hunting & trapping (Dec. 5, 2007 - Black Widow Update) when I saw the raccoon in the cage I just started bawling.... he looked so terrified and just wanted to be set free to be with his family. I find it amazing how people's blogs can so affect another person weither it be good or bad, sometimes you find fantastic teaching ideas or just some fantastic fellow homeschooling moms : )

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Sherri said...

Poor thing :(! I found that picture hard to look at too. I can't imagine wanting to eat it...wonder what they taste like?!?
I love looking at new blogs too!!!