Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Days Sure Do Fly By..... 4 More Days

I can't belive counting today only 4 days away from Christmas! How quickly the days have flown by. As you know this is not a Christmas I am looking forward to, but it is coming if I want it to or not. There is no excitement here at all, half the time we don't even have the tree lights on. I have tried to explain to Kelly that we just can't afford presents like we have done in other years. She says she understands but you can see the "let down" in her eyes. I have to use a large chunck of my husbands paycheck to get the car insurance back up and running so we are covered again, but with what is left I am determined to get at least a few little things to wrap for under the tree - I can't imagine having her and Kristopher not have anything to open Christmas Day. I was able to buy Kelly one of the things she has been talking about: The Magic Tree House Space Book (Thanks to a special homeschooling blogging friend ~*FatcatPaulanne*~). I go today to the Toys for Tots program to pick up the toy Kelly will be getting from there - I am not sure how that program works since we have never used it before. I had to write down a few of the things she wanted not sure if they go with one of those things or if they just have to pick through the items they get donated, What ever it is I am sure she will enjoy getting it. Kelly had a small list this year even before the hard times hit - A western saddle, a computer for her room (she told me used for both items would be just fine with her), Apples to Apples game, Who is smarter then a 5th grader game, a puzzle & the Magic Tree House Book. I thought I would at least try and get the games so we can play on Christmas Day to make it at least a little festive. The one church pantry was giving away free fixins for a Turkey Dinner from Albertsons - I pick that up today too. I thought also since things will be kinda ho hum Christmas Day, I might try and take her to the movies to see "NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS" we both think it looks good and if only her and I go it won't cost too much. I am bound and determined to make this holiday a nice one for the kids (maybe not the best we have ever had but nice...).

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