Monday, December 3, 2007

Good Monday Morning : )

Good Monday Morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend.
You will not belive this but this cat in the picture is a stray cat, she started hanging around our house, she would run away from us when we would get to close to her - But right after Mickey passed she lets us pet her and she tries to come into the house! Our other cat (Mickey's brother Joe doesn't care for this new addition to our family though).
Kelly and I semi finshed up last weeks work, She did great on the spelling test and on the test she took after watching a video on United Streaming about Thomas Jefferson. We are moving at a snails pace but we are moving : )
I had signed my son up for a health class at Florida Virtual Schnool the class starts today - I was looking over the course and what is expected of him (Three Oral Tests). He is sooo worried about this, He is afraid he will do poorly and he will get an "F" for the class which will then not allow him to get the Bright Future Scholarship which he needs to be able to go to the police academy. I called his school this morning and it doesn't look like he has any other option (To be honest his guidance counseler was not very helpful, It was like pulling teeth trying to get him to pull up Kristopher's records). I hope it all works out for him.


sunshineperri said...

Hi Donna,
Tell him not to worry, that the teachers at FLVS are wonderful. Most times he can resubmitt an assignment up to 3 times!!! Ask about tests, most teachers want the kids to use their notes and previous worksheets to answer the questions!! The Oral is usually 2 or 3 questions and that is it!!
Honest!! This is our 3rd year at FLVS and we love it!!

Anonymous said...

Your kitty looks like she could be our kitty's sister! :o)

Derby Queen said...

Tell him I've done 13 courses on FLVS and only failed 1 because I dropped out of it. (It was Spanish, don't make him do that one) I REALLY like doing English and sometimes I like science. most of teh assignments are fun and it teaches you in different, interseting ways. The Orals are the easiest part of the whole course!! (this is Trina, Bunny's daughter, btw) the hardest part is the exams, but most courses have study sessions and you can use your notes. I got a 95% on my science Exam soo it's not as bad as he thinks. Or as bad as I think. lol