Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Trail Blazing.....Kinda : ) & Aldi Stores

We didn't do any schooling yesterday but we did go outside and explore alot of the trails in the woods. It was kinda fun and Kelly seemed to have enjoyed herself, We looked at the different types of trees & shrubs. One of the things I wish we had missed was a black snake.... I just get the creepys when I see one. Kelly just said "Mom, He's more afraid of us then we are of him, look he is terrified and is slithering away", and she contiuned down the trail.
I was kinda proud of myself, I found a car repair man who comes to the house! I am saving the $60.00 tow bill - Yea! He is coming today at around 10:00am, We will see how this all works out - Keep your fingers crossed.
On the down side I was a bit upset last night, My husband came home from work and said that the boss said working on Sat. will be mandatory from now on, If you don't show up you are fired. I took this as a good thing, another extra day of pay is going to go along way towards helping us. My husband was very upset with the idea that he would have to work on Sat. : ( sometimes I think I mop up our problems all by myself!
On another note: I have been trying to lower our food bill and really miss a store up in PA. that had really GREAT prices it is called Aldi they are a bare bones type of store but when you are watching every penny it is a great store to shop in. I discouraged to find out that there aren't any in Florida... I contacted the company (I suggested our area as a possible location) - They said they are planning on building in some Florida locations, she said the closest one to me will be in Daytona.

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Simply April said...

I'm with you on seeing a snake. I feel the same way about spiders.

Do you have Save-a-Lot in Florida?
I can save quite a bit shopping there.