Friday, December 28, 2007

Where is the New Year.....?

I sure am glad the holidays are rolling along.... almost outta here!
I am just in a "funk" right now, I have tried to just plug along and try and make it as nice as I could and then live with it. I really belive if you are around negative people it wears you down... Well my husband is a very negative person, he told me that when a guy he works with called our house and I answered, the man told my husband I sounded very nice & had a sexy voice - My husband said yea but she is 500 pounds. Then I wrote a shopping list for him to pick up on his way home from work after he cashes his paycheck, I put down chicken chunks - He said "You just sit there and hope I bring that home" sarcastically. Well, I really have to let that kind of thing roll over my shoulders.
My son is cleaning up his room very nicely, He painted it and rearranged it which has been keeping him busy. Kelly has been on the computer WAY too much - I hope to be getting back to some type of learning after the 1st.
The new year can not get here soon enough for me........


FatcatPaulanne said...

Negativity is very hard to deal with. Has he always been this way or is it a symptom of the job stress he's going through? My husband was crabby when he was laid off from his jobay He quit going to church during that time because people were alwasy asking him if he'd found a job yet.

I'll be kind of glad to get back to the regular routine too.

Simply April said...

I don't know your situation except for what you've shared about all the financial strain your family has been dealing with. Maybe that is what is making him act this way?
Praying for you!

sunshineperri said...

I know it can be hard trying to let it roll off you, but try thinking..."The Lord has made my shoulders like his and I can handle his remarks." I'm glad your reading Joel Osteen's book. It is helping me!!! I feel better already.
I will sit and answer your email soon. Been super duper busy and tired!!
Keep your chin and your sexy voice up!!!