Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2nd. Day Of School - Who said it can't be fun!

We are still here! The Tropical Storm Fay is supposta turn right over our area - Yikes! I'll keep you posted...
In the mean time, Yesterday we had our 2nd. day of school. Things are going okay, math is still a major problem for her : ( I did add in our Art class yesterday to keep things upbeat, I had seen over on the "School For Us" blog this painting of rocks activity so we tried it. LOVED IT! Kelly and I had so much fun, It is amazing how well the crayons actually color the rocks : ) I took some pictures of us working on our masterpieces - Kelly blinks in almost ever picture I take of her, this time I told her to just keep your eyes open!
We have no school today.... As you remember I had opend my fat mouth about running the same schedule as the public school, well they are taking the day off today and most likely tomorrow too because of the storm : (
The other problem is my husband has been home yesterday, today & will be home tomorrow too! I can't imagine what next weeks paycheck is going to look like.....Yikes!


Red said...

We have had rain for 2 DAYS...non stop. It goes from drizzling, to downpours.

Who knew that clouds could hold so much rain. and it is expected to go on for a few more days. I am so over this rain.

School for Us said...

I'm so glad your daughter enjoyed the hot rocks project. It is fun, isn't it? :-)

We've been having rain for 3 days now. We're enjoying the cooler weather, but we really don't need this much rain!

And, it looks like we started back to school on the same day. Schools around here don't start until next Monday, but this way I feel a little freer to take off when we feel like it or need to... like if there was a hurricane coming!

Rhonda said...

I remember seeing this on the "School For Us" blog! It is so cool!