Monday, August 4, 2008

School Or Not to School That Is The Question......

My son's baptism went very well yesterday, They used a swimming pool instead of a lake which I liked better since you never know when you will have an alligator around. Just like I thought there was talk of school, I was on the fence on what to do about it. Then it all became clear when one of my girls decided to have her puppies at 3am this morning..... so needless to say since I have another one of my girls ready to deliver any day now also - I think that was my sign to let it go till the 18th.
Kelly sure was happy : )


Rhonda said...

Well that just worked itself out didn't it? *smile*

Freakmom said...

As we were paddling our canoe in the lake at camp in Northern Illinois we were pretending we were looking for alligators. That is absolutely as close to actually doing it as I want to be!

I'm glad things are falling into place.