Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Tuesday Morning : )

It's funny how when surfing the internet sometimes things pop up that you didn't think you were looking for but that you need to take a look at... I am in a nasty mood already this morning, I didn't sleep well last night because we got the electric bill yesterday (It is now up to $671.97 for two months - We will be getting the shut off notice any day now for the $308.10 amount). Yesterday we also had gotten the cable/internet/telephone bill which if we can't come up with $149.49 by the end of the week it will be shut off. The bad thing is my husband worked one day due to the storm so his paycheck is going to be barely enough for food - All this was running around in my head and would not let me sleep. I was also up a number of times with the puppies last night, then my husband puts on all the lights when he get's up this morning at 5am. which then woke the puppies up AGAIN, then just when I got everyone settled down and I jumped back into bed and started to doze off the phone rang at 6:59am (It was my husband's former business partner...)So I am tired, very cranky & in a major negative mood about EVERYTHING! I sat down to the computer and started looking around and happened to find this website which has alot of great things on it when you get a free minute take a peek: Garden Of Praise I was drawn to the heading Bible Lesson for Women & Young Adults - The first lesson listed is about Attitude I found it to be very helpful to kick my butt back in gear! I know someone was directing me to that site today for a number of reasons hope you enjoy it as much as I am. I am off to wake Kelly up for School Time : ) Have a Great Day!


Luke said...

Have a great day too, Donna. And may God bless you with a solution to all your worries. I know how tough it can be, so hang in there and may God provide.


Red said...

You are in our thoughts. We too will be letting go of some luxuries whcih we previously thought of as necessities.

Is there any government help you get, even if it is temporary?

I know we have tried, but we are not poor enough, but every month our in-paws help us wiht half of our mortgage, and that is taking everything we can from our son. Go figure. Got to love "The System"

Rhonda said...

So sorry to hear of your troubles. Our electric bill was outrageous this month also. Everything is just getting too expensive, to be honest with you. You are in my thoughts. I am off to visit that link that you posted.

Mrs. Darling said...

Ive never heard of electric bills so high. Our electricity runs us about a hundred a month. It must be the difference of where we live.