Monday, August 11, 2008

Counting Down The Days.....

I think I am almost there with getting a grip on our schedule this year! I worked on it on and off all day/night yesterday, I was writing lists ect. and then I stopped myself, I think that is what causes me to get into trouble because I misplace them and I spend more time looking around for them and not getting the lessons done.... I now have a folder set up and I am going to put "everything" I will need for the week in that so it will be at my finger tips. I also set up a cardboard box which I put all the books we are using this way I won't need to get up and search for them either. I am using BiblioPlan 1850-2000 with some touches from History Odyssey. This covers reading, map work & writing ideas all in one program which I love. Slowly but surely this is coming together.... the funny thing is as much as I have gone over, read library books, found websites ect. on the first weeks topic "Civil War" I will be sooooo sick of it by the time Kelly & I start on it Monday! Of course I am still worried about some of the other subjects (like grammer) but one step at a time. I do want to add Lapbooking into our schedule - I think it may be a way for Kelly to remeber some of the things we cover in a fun way. I just need to pick up some file folders and of course some ink for the printer (I don't know about you but we seem to go through ink quicker then ever lately and I have really been watching what I print...)
Here is another yahoo group that I have found to be very helpful:
Lesson Theme Of The Week

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Rhonda said...

I have a Homeschool Teacher's lesson plan book that I keep by my side at all times. I even prepare all of my girls materials the night before. This way, in the mornings and throughout the day, I am prepared. Our lessons will go smoothly and quickly if I have everything at my fingertips, but I promise you, not every day goes smoothly. LOL!