Saturday, August 2, 2008

When To Start Back To School.....

Okay I admit it I am a mean mom! I told Kelly we would start back to school the same time as our public school system does - thinking it was Aug. 4th. I then checked their website and they don't start till Aug. 18th!!!!!! Now am I mean enough to not tell her.... What worries me is tomorrow my son is getting baptised and I am sure we will run into some of the kids who go to public school and she may find out that way. It's funny because I have been biting at the bit to get started, I have been to the library twice in the past two days (I LOVE going to the library, I just enjoy books) getting all the many books I want to explore with her. I also have written up a schedule for the first day detailing what I want to get done ect. I really think I am as ready as I ever will be. Of course Kelly has put the sad face on any time I have mentioned school and when I told her Monday is the day she was disappointed. My son was home during our latest discussion about starting Monday and he says "Mom, School doesn't start till the 18th. I quickly glanced at Kelly and she had her ear phones on and didn't hear him..... So to be mean or not, That is the question : )


The Cooking Lady said...

We here go back the 18th as well, but we are going to start back tomorrow. I have not been physically able to get new books, but that is OK.

As soon as I am better, we will get new books. My daughter and I will be scouring FLVS to see what she wants to take. She wants to dual enroll in the Fall of 2009. So I told her she would have to buckle down this year and at least get to pre-Algebra. She is not happy, but knows if she is to get into colleeg, then she will have to do this.

We start back on the 4th of August, so I guess I am joining the Mean Mommy Club!

FatcatPaulanne said...

I'd go ahead and get it done. It's better to do it when you're in the mood, then later, when you lose your momentum, you can take a little break because you'll already have your days in.