Thursday, August 28, 2008

Disappointed With Myself....

Barely a week into schooling and I am disappointed with myself already! I thought I was soooo prepaired this year, I spent time working out schedules ect. thinking that would make things go smoother. We already have had days off due to Tropical Storm Fay so there is no reason I should be scrabbling but I am! Our days just are not running smoothly at all.... I have a list of everything we need to do (I let Kelly decide in which order we do things as long as they all get done). Well already we are falling behind and things just aren't getting done : ( I really wonder what I was doing during the storm, It would have been a perfect time to get everything printed out and ready for the school week. I sure am going to really work on it this weekend and see if I can't get us running smoother.

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